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Registered Massage Therapy




BC registered massage therapists are primary health care professionals, trained extensively in the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal and related systems. They work with illness, injury and disability in diverse and broad patient populations and have legislation by the government under the BC Health Professions Act. BC RMT’s receive the highest training standards in North America and are held accountable to take mandatory continuing education courses by the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia.

Registered massage therapy is the systemic and scientific manipulation of soft tissues and joints of the body. It can be helpful in the treatment of: fibromyalgia, joint pain, stress reduction, perinatal care, sprains, repetitive strain injuries, arthritis, swelling, pre-and post-operative pain, TMJ dysfunction, chronic pain management, neurological conditions and more. Whether you’re seeking treatment for pain, sport performance or injury prevention, Megan is grateful to be a part of your healthcare plan. With over 3,000 hours of formal education, you can be sure that she is fully dedicated to keep you functioning at your best. 


Megan has a special interest in women's health; specifically before, during and after pregnancy. She understands that pregnancy feels different for every body, and requires an individual approach from bump, birth and beyond. 

The body goes through some pretty incredible physiological changes as it prepares itself for labour. Treatment with a registered massage therapist can be helpful in reducing discomfort associated with these changes by decreasing stress on weight bearing joints, stabilizing stress hormones, improving blood and lymph circulation, decreasing muscle cramping, calming the nervous system, alleviating breast tenderness and infusing a little self love into each session.

 Megan is happy to offer a pregnancy pillow specifically designed to allow mama to be face down when necessary. Her number one priority is for you to receive a comfortable, safe and effective treatment and welcomes any suggestions you may have to meet your specific needs during your time together.

Postpartum treatments are also highly encouraged to reconnect mama with her body, while feeling nurtured and supported. Some common treatment goals may include alleviating tension from labour and delivery, realign pelvic and spinal structures and promote more body awareness as you learn to adjust to breast feeding and carrying a newborn for extended periods of time. Megan also has experience with treating cesarean section scarring which can be helpful to reduce pelvic pain, decrease numbness and fascial shortening, increase mobility and correcting any compensatory patterns that many have formed along the way.

Megan provides treatment for patients at absolutely any stage of their pregnancy; and when mom life permits, she is happy to offer suggestions such as stretching, strengthening, and hydrotherapy exercises between treatments to prolong the benefits of manual therapy. 

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